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Organic unpolished Rice bareugedam

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Organic unpolished Rice bareugedam


Charmden Organic Germinated Brown Rice Tea is 100% organic brown rice beverage made by extracting and processing organic brown rice and organic germinated brown rice.
Brown rice has rich nutrients but its texture and digestions are not good due to rough hulls.
This tea solves this by activating them with heats so that rich nutrients can be obtained without loss of protein, dietary fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron and vitamin.
Charmden organic germinated brown rice team is natural beverage without any additives except our sincerity and efforts.


Organic unpolished Rice bareugedam
Ingredient / Additive

organci unpolished rice, Germinated Brown Rice


170 X 100mm

Shelf Life

12 months

Storage way

room temperature


30ea / box